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Winter TBR - Hand Poured - Seasonal Soy Candle

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Size: 8oz

The perfect winter candle to go alongside your To Be Read shelf! A Cool blend of snow, icicles and and a hint of those unread pages! This candle is the perfect companion to transport you to your favorite warm winter reading spot and start tackling those TBRs.

Scent: Snow, Icicles and Unread Pages


Scent Description:

Snow: A soft mint with a vanilla background

Icicles: Top notes of ozone and cypress with mid notes of jasmine and spice on a base of cedar, sugar, and moss

Unread Pages: A lovely aroma that evokes warmth.


All of our candles are made with Soy Wax in glass jars, they are hand-poured in small batches. This can mean there may be small variations in the color. With Soy wax "crystallizing" and "wet spots" are common, but they do not affect how you candle smells or burns.

In the hotter months please make sure someone is home to bring your order inside. Candles sitting outside in this hot climate will melt.  Once an order is with USPS it is out of our control if candles melt.


Candles are made to order, please see the above banner for our current processing times. Candles will be shipped once the candle has fully set. Shipping time is 3-5 days within the United States.

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